Block Assault is a simplistic application where everything is a block. You can build your base using more blocks, and destroy the opposing base using even more blocks.

 The goal is to defend enemy assaults, and fight back. Upgrade and sell your blocks to get an advantage over the AI. The AI can be changed from difficulty 1-10.

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===============  How to Play  ===============

You are the head of the military defense program of South Korea. There has been an inclining rate of tension among Korean border. Your goal is to defend any North Korean counter attacks, and conquer the opposing North Korean base. 

You are given a starting fund of $500, as well as two Pink Markets, which periodically give you money in increments of $10. Your base that your are trying to defend has a default turret to help with enemy attacks. Use money to purchase buildings and soldiers for the benefit of South Korean warfare. Destroying enemy buildings and soldiers will earn you a quarter of what the funds required for purchase—the same goes for the enemy if opposing forces destroy your own buildings and troops.

You can also use money to buy upgrades. Each tower has three tiers, and each tier pertains to different types upgrades. Upgrading a tower will also raise its original cost up by 20%. The keyboard shortcut for upgrading is 'U'

Each side can also sell their buildings if they so choose. To sell a buildings, first activate selling mode with the 'Q' key. Your mouse will change to a pointer indicating you're ready to sell. Click the building(s) you wish to sell. The selected buildings will then be destroyed—recovering 75% of the original value multiplied by the remaining health. Press 'Q' again to deactivate sell mode, and enable troop placement once again. 

In order for faster and easier game play, keyboard shortcuts are enabled. Use the following keyboard shortcuts to select the respective troop: 

Terrorist - 'T' 
Rebel - 'R' 
Pink Market - 'M' 
American Sniper - 'S' 
Gatling Tower - 'G' 
Soviet Tank - 'C' 
Carpet Bomb - 'B' 

Press 'P' to pause.